Mobil Terbaru 2011 Di Indonesia - New Cars Indonesia 2011. New car with the name Arina is a car made in Indonesia. With an estimated price of around 30 million, Arina is expected to meet the desires of auto enthusiasts in Indonesia.

Car Arina is one of the mini car designed by the work of the State University of Semarang (Unnes). With the creation of Indonesian-made car has received government support. Indonesia's newest car in 2011 is planned to be exhibited at the exhibition site in Jakarta later.

Arina Car Mobil Terbaru 2011 Di Indonesia

Car Arina is a type of car "microcar" because of size, the mini. Arina brand stands for Indonesian fleet. Arina car has a length of about 3 meters and has a volume of 2,400 liters of space.

Seating capacity for two people and is available where luggage. The main reason in her car Arina is for economic and efficiency. Trademarks Arina cars already registered in the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights for the category of transportation equipment. This car is suitable for families and urban. So this car is ideal for people of Indonesia.

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